DVD 1 (left): Footwork
Make your solo footwork shine on the dancefloor! Add poise, style, finesse and sabor to every step! Alison guides you through fun, authentic patterns for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced dancers with clear explanations, multi-angled perspectives, and dynamite patterns. Syncopate, Isolate, and make a date to transform your footwork!

DVD 2 (right): Dance Movement
Take your dancing to a whole new level with Alison's detailed explanations of Technique, Isolations, Cuban Motion and Turns. No matter what your level, Alison breaks down the crucial elements of great Latin Dancing so you can move with confidence, facility and grace. Make your dancing the best it has ever been, and have a great time learning! This DVD combines detailed explanations with multi-angled shots, so that the information is easily understood by everyone. You will be a different dancer after viewing this DVD.

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